Timeless - Alexandra Monir I like reading books from authors who i haven't heard of before, and i certainly did not "plan" on falling in love with Alexandra Monir's Timeless. Some parts of the writing were a little standoffish for a lack of a better word, but i'm guessing that's just to specifically detail the enormity of things it was describing. The use of "Windsor" was a little cliche but i tried not to pay any attention to that since it really conveys the whole historically and financially rich family image.

At first i wished there were more times for Philip to show Michele around, maybe compound their deepening relationship more and then i realized Michele has been dreaming about Mystery Man/Philip for a long time. When she traveled back in time for the first time, i literally had to hold my breathe in! The details were plenty and marvelous, eloquently written as well. The going-back-and-forth between past and present were exciting, and Michele made complete use of her time there and occasionally uncovering things on her own. I also like the efforts of inserting science into this.

There are so many things left unanswered. I'm so curious as to how Michele manages to pop into the times where she needs to be. I wish the next book explored this more and by that i simply can't wait for Timekeeper to come out.