Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On - Susane Colasanti This is the first book that i have read from Susane Colasanti and i'm certainly not disappointed, her writing style certainly appealed to the entire feel of the story.

The story begins with Noelle's inner monologue regarding the things in her surroundings, mainly one Julian who she has been crushing on. With this kind of start, you'd think Julian would have more impact on the story than what was presented but, in all honestly i'm kind of glad that it didn't. I'm glad that focused a little less on her relationship with Julian and Sherae and a little more on her relationship with herself. Noelle has a strong, positive spirit and not the perfect, goody-two-shoes i would've disliked. The imperfections in her thoughts, her personality and her actions leading up to the end of the story just made her more realistic, more relatable.

Another thing that i liked was the exploration and eventual confrontation with her mother, which, though abrupt and seemed a little underdone, was a good path to take and now that major aspects of her life seemed to have turned out for the better then she can start working the tangles out slowly. (How i wish all cases were that easy)

So, lessons learned: Most of the time we can't change how people interact with us, but we can change how we let them affect us, that we have to take charge of our own happiness and instead of letting the bad things throw us down, we need to keep holding on to what's good.