Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, Book 1)

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare A first time reader of anything Cassandra Clare (although i have heard of the name because of certain...issues that i'd rather this review stay out of), i was expecting to be blown away. After all, i have heard many good things about her works. But still, i was quite unsure that i will like it as much as other people do.

The story circles around Tessa Gray, a shape-changing "kinda-warlock-but-not-quite" girl who sets to London to meet his brother but instead finds herself in between the Nephilim and a certain Magister and his minions. Some of the things in this book are painfully cliche, but among the things i did like were the construction of the banter between the characters. Will was definitely charming, and his witty remarks had me giggling. But i was leaning more into Jem's character as it progressed. Certainly, it's like those two were the opposite clones of each other.

I was expecting Tessa to be the tough heroine kind, and i was kind of rooting for her to grow out of her idealisms and just face the facts. In this aspect i can say that i am quite disappointed although her grand act towards the end was certainly almost heroic.

All in all, i was impressed. It was a fairly interesting read and i am looking forward to reading the second book in this series.