Falling Under

Falling Under - Gwen Hayes I didn't like it as much as i wanted to. Theia, our main female, seems too forgiving and passive. It made her seem desperate, holding on to Haden despite being a total jerk towards her. Yes, i understand his imbalance being half-demon but her desperate pleas to him, to kiss him was just too desperate.

Aside from that, the scenarios were painfully cliche. Haden is your typical brooding and mysterious (not to mention manipulative) transferee who treats the girl he loves like nothing but still expects to be loved because...he is brooding, mysterious and cool. I understand Theia has been sheltered her whole life, and that Haden presenting himself openly to her like that would be like offering free rides on a roller coaster. But she is described as this rational thinker and it clearly doesn't show in her actions.

But i do give props to the writing. The imagery is very vivid, but not overdone with descriptions. It was really really good that it was so easy to picture out. It takes a real knack to be able to write such, but the plot could have used more creativity. The lack of a love-triangle was also a bit refreshing. I don't exactly know where it goes from here but i hope the next book in the series would be more engaging than this one.