Timebound - Rysa Walker WOW I'm so glad I finally got around to finishing this book! I seriously thought I would get too frustrated and just drop but Rysa Walker has got me hooked at every word despite my agonizingly slow pace. Just thinking about the whole deal with time travel is enough to make my head spin but this book my Rysa Walker was definitely a good and worthy read.

The story starts a little simple, and slowly hops into more convoluted aspects of time travel. Kate's character, who I love so much because she's realistic about everything despite everything going on around her, is a feisty but shy girl. My favourite mix of a heroine. The convoluted parts may stem from the fact that my reading was spaced in long intervals (days, at most) due to personal circumstances, but in it's entirety it wasn't that difficult to follow. There are areas that seemed a little grey for me, like if Prudence on who's side, the ultimate plan of Saul and the Cyrists for the whole world and how those people who were going to be time-travelling and researching points in history came to be but I'm hoping that'll be answered in the next books. I also had my doubts on who Kiernan really was, and I was starting to worry that his character wouldn't be utilized well but Rysa Walker has weaved him really well into the story. Sure, he didn't get that much face time but there was something in the way that the story was written that you know it's believable.

I'm very glad that the story flowed the way it did, instead of a terrible and agonizing cliffhanger immediately at the end. The whole aspect of time travel, CHRONOS keys and changing the course of history greatly interests me (Whovian here) and this book would certainly be suited for someone interested in it. Ellie's Reading Nook