Shadow (The Paper Gods)

Shadow - Amanda Sun This fell a little flat for me, as an introduction. I felt like the writer was trying a little too hard to create a distressing, depressing environment for Katie's feelings to anchor to but it just didn't work in the end. Even the use of various Japanese words and phrases sprinkles throughout the story seemed a little too much, too unrealistic when coupled with their English translations right below them.

Katie acts like she was the only one who lost something, and she seemed a little insensitive to the needs of her ailing grandparents. She seemed too selfish in those parts and that put me off for a while. The whole dynamics between the characters were well expounded, how the friendships around the characters worked was well-explained and that was one of the few redeeming factors of this story.

Although this added more dimension to the Paper Gods series, I feel like it felt a little short to what the author would've wanted to convey. It wasn't a bad introduction, but i think it requires more effort.