Pure: The Second Covenant Novel

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout OHMYDEARGOD

This has been sitting on my shelf for so long and i insanely regret not pushing through the first couple of pages because...that was so awesome! That was even more a roller coaster of emotions than the first book, and i loved it! And the writing is superb- detailed yet clear, just enough to actually convey the exact things.

Alex's hot-headed and impulsive personality makes her a far from perfect lead, but that just gives her more density as a character. Her reactions were pretty realistic, especially the part where she turned to Seth when she felt rejected by Aiden. This book really made it difficult to choose between Aiden and Seth, their personalities just seemed to clash and they way they handle Alex are just so different. Yet you know they care about her all the same, despite Alex leaning more to Aiden and seem to be settling with Seth.

There was a balance with all the elements, it's just so damn good. Alex mourning over Caleb's untimely and unfortunate death was done just right, and her disobeying orders and actually fight alongside the people she cared for was just so like her. This isn't just about Greek Mythology for me, i like how the book manages to touch other issues like unfair segregation of the Hematoi (pures/halfs). It almost parallels with real-world issues.

Overall, i absolutely love love LOVE this and i can't wait to get my hands on the next book!