Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon I have to be honest, i initially didn't like this book about 100 pages in. There were just too many Twilight red flags. As the story progressed, it grew on me and i was proven wrong. They are similar in some constructs but Carrier of the Mark seemed more original. Not necessarily saying that Twilight is bad, but i understand how some people dislike it.

I love how the story is set in Ireland, and as far as i can tell, Leigh Fallon has got their manner of speaking quite spot on. My head even started reading their conversations with an Irish accent! And i love the use of Irish deities like Danu and Aine. Aine wasn't exactly a deity in the book, although both versions of her were in a somewhat unwanted relationship (can this be a hint? i hope not...) Personally, Rian's character is most relatable for me. Not in the "elemental magic" sense, but his problems somehow parallels a lot of real issues. Adam and Megan's relationship, it went by so quickly (known for six weeks, together for 2 weeks, as described at some part in the book). And that presented a problem, if what they felt for each other was actual attraction or just something brought on by the powers. I could totally understand Megan's slightly selfish reasons to hold back, and i was glad she did or else she wouldn't have known the rest of the consequences.

Lastly, I loved how Leigh Fallon presented her plot devices, they weren't rushed, weren't overly dramatic, somewhat not overdone and they actually made sense. The twist by the end was a bit rushed, but actually worked. Any longer would have dragged it. The progression of the plot was great and had enough tension to drive the story. Her writing is captivating and i will definitely read the next book. Thanks to the people who have recommended that i read this now, i definitely do not regret it!